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JCall and the campaign for the boycott of Israel

Our virulent criticism of the Israeli government’s policies does not prevent us from being extremely preoccupied by the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions campaign (BDS) that is currently growing worldwide. Under the pretext of fighting for « justice » and for the « respect of international law », this campaign intends only to punish collectively and blindly a whole nation. In response to the article opposing this boycott which we co-authored in Le Monde, (, the defenders of this cause pretend, in a reply published in the same newspaper, that they are not targeting the Israeli people; they accuse us of not having read their charter stipulating: « This boycott does not target Israeli society nor the individuals it is composed of as such, it is aimed at the colonial policy of Israeli occupation and at its supporters ». Unfortunately, the rest of the text immediately contradicts this wonderful declaration of intent « Our fight, they continue, is not based on the rejection of one nation. We want to apply real pressure on the State of Israel by developing an economic and diplomatic boycott, and a boycott of academic, sports and cultural Israeli institutions. ». Imagine! We stupidly thought that economic decision-makers, diplomacy, and the academic, sports and cultural institutions of a country existed only for the people that were part of it: the citizens of this country, in other words, its people!

JCALL-Rundbrief vom 08.12.2010

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